Our Crew - Fun Over Fifty

Derek (Coach Captain)

Surprising Fact: I am a trained Massuer

Favourite Destination: Red Centre in Northern Territory

Favourite Saying: If you are dealt lemons, make lemonade

Andi (Tour Host)

Andi has been with Fun Over Fifty since the very beginning! Andi enjoys travelling as she loves surprises and experiencing new things. Andi genuinely enjoys meeting Fun Over Fifty’s guests and learning about their interesting lives.

Best Travel Tip:  Make sure you have your wallet and phone when you leave home, everything else can be bought

Favourite Destination:  Tasmania

Surprising Fact:  I’m an open book, there are no surprises with me!

Neil (Tour Host)



Best Travel Tip:  If we want to have a good time, we will. Keep hydrated and most importantly, don’t get in the bad books with your host! (Just kidding…)

Last Book Read:  “Fifty Sheds of Grey: A Parody”

Surprising Fact:  I am a lot taller than I look!

Anne (Tour Host)

I have hosted 90 fabulous tours for Fun Over Fifty since I began with the company 6 1/2 years ago and find that I have completely turned my life around.  I had been 45 years doing bookkeeping and all forms of office work not quite the same exciting and fulfilling life that I now have the pleasure of enjoying. “Life is good”.

Surprising Fact: I skydive, actually jumping our of a perfectly good plane, for pleasure

One thing you always take on holiday: My raincoat. “Murphy’s Law” then comes into play and I will never need it while I am away.

Favourite Saying: Life is awesome, don’t give up on it, travel for as long as you can no matter what anyone else tells you.

Deborah (Tour Host)

From owning an Australian franchise system, a bookkeeping business and as a certified Soul Coach and Soul Midwife and now a passionate Tour Guide and Tour Host.   Just love it !

Favourite Saying: Dare to be different – Have the courage to be vulnerable (my own mantra)

Surprising Fact: I enjoy writing poetry

One thing you always take on holiday: A snuggly scarf

Narelle (Tour Host)

One thing you always take on holiday: Credit card

Surprising Fact: I have 6 beautiful grandchildren, two of which are identical twin girls

Bucket List Destination: To be at Uluru in the pouring rain

Julianne (Tour Host)

I began work in the travel industry in 1989 in a small isolated mining community 800klms from the nearest city.  My responsibilities varied from booking holiday travel, loading and dispatching commercial flights to loading live crocodiles on aircraft for relocation.  In the past 30yrs, I have worked in many varied roles at the Brisbane domestic and international airports, retail travel agencies, as well as Business Development Manager for an Australian wholesale travel company.

Bucket List Destination: Antarctica, after discovering one of my Scottish ancestors, Birdie Bowers, was the first  Scotsman to reach the South Pole.

Favourite Saying: Smile and the world smiles with you

Surprising Fact: I grew up as a barefoot bush kid living in a small remote mining town on the Cape York Peninsula learning to shoot a .22 rifle for protection from wild pigs and crocodiles.

Annette (Tour Host)

After putting into practise my Degree in Business (Hospitality Management) in locations from Broadbeach Casino to Hamilton Island, I discovered a keen interest in people and processes. This desire to encourage people into their potential, led to Leadership and Character Development work with a US company creating many events. This led into writing Training programs. Was delighted to travel all of Australia and Torres Strait as a Host for the Queens Baton Relay for the Commonwealth Games.

Surprising Fact: I have ridden a mountain bike down a volcano

Favourite Saying:Dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them (Walt Disney)

Bucket List Destination:The Serengeti, Tanzania

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