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Why you should go – The Man from Snowy River Bush Festival

In 1995 the question was asked: could an event be created that truly reflected what the Man from Snowy River poem meant to our Australian horsemen and women?

The people of Corryong responded with a resounding YES! And The Man from Snowy River Bush Festival was born. The festival’s inaugural year marked the 100th anniversary of the first publication of Banjo Paterson’s iconic poem and since then the gathering has gone from strength to strength. This weekend will see crowds join together in celebration, competition and shear passion for all things country for the 24th time. And as one of our Gold Class coaches makes tracks for the beautiful Upper Murray we explain just why you should go to The Man from Snowy River Bush Festival!

It’s uniquely Australian – no other festival is quite so passionate about our bush culture and heritage. The gathering is a true celebration of the history, art, music, poetry and age-old skills that have shaped Australia’s bush culture and continue to do so today. Nowhere else in the world will you find an event quite like Corryong’s Man from Snowy River Bush Festival.

There’s a ute muster – It doesn’t get much more Aussie than a ute! And the High Country Ute Muster which is part of the festival is a mind-boggling display of utes in all shapes, sizes and conditions. With ample engine revving, loud music and donuts, it’s a must see for all ute and car enthusiasts!

You’ll experience some fair dinkum bush poetry – the festival is dedicated to keeping our bush heritage alive and you’ll find that there’s always someone reciting a poem or singing a song. Prepare to hear the rhyme and rhythm of classic and modern tales – or yarns if you prefer. There’s Poet’s Breakfasts and workshops to attend, and don’t forget to make a beeline for the Jack Riley Heritage Award which looks for the best original performed poem or song about Jack Riley, Corryong or ‘Banjo’s Country’.

See working dogs in action – cattle dogs and their owners are put through their tests in the highly competitive dog trailing rounds. For something a little different you can take in the Ol’ Foz Dog Jump. The event is dedicated to the much loved, but stubborn dingo cross ‘Ol Foz’, a working dog from a local station with a penchant for jumping, usually from the back of the ute to catch overhanging branches. These days the festival gives other rouge dogs the chance to leap for glory at the Ol’ Foz Dog Jump.

Everyone loves a bit of whipcracking – check out master whipmaker Anthony Rennick’s working display of whip making then take in the Bushman’s Whipcrack competition where competitors from as young as 8 take on accuracy challenges and display their free style skills. When professional Emaliqua East demonstrates the intricate skills required to be a true master, you’ll be sure to be having a cracking good time!

Witness the ultimate Challenge – the showcase event of the festival seeks to find the modern day Man or Woman from Snowy River, it’s the ultimate test of all round horsemanship with six gruelling preliminary events challenging the most skilled and professional horse and rider teams. The very best go on to take part in Paterson’s Brumby Catch and the Kosciusko Stocksaddle Buckjump.

The Man from Snowy River is brought to life – Not to be missed is the chance to witness a stirring re-enactment of Banjo Paterson’s epic poem. You’ll hear the recital of the iconic words written 138 years ago teamed with a live re-enactment that commemorates the life of Jack Riley, the possible inspiration for the poem, and those who sought to rescue him.

Add to all of this the buskers, markets, street parade, campfires and engaging local characters, and you can see just why you should go to The Man from Snowy River Bush Festival!


The Man from Snowy River Festival is happening this weekend in Corryong in Victoria’s Upper Murray. Fun Over Fifty has a dedicated departure to the festival every year. Contact us now to book for our 2019 tour departure.






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