“I would rather own very little and see the world, than own the world and see little”.

(Alexander Sattler)

As we all know in life it is not always about the destination, it is about the journey. You see and experience so much more when travelling by coach with Fun Over Fifty. We stop to discover off-the-beaten track locations and meet local characters along the way. And of course we do it in style! Our ‘Gold Class’ coaches are state of the art and fitted with luxuries that are lacking in much of the industry. With luxurious leather style-ride reclining seats, generous leg room, footrests, pull down blinds, DVD player, restroom and sickbed onboard you’ll soon become accustomed to travelling in ‘Gold Class’ style. Want to know the all important facts and figures about our vehicles? Read more about our fleet of coaches here.

As we can’t always use our own coaches (due to destination and scheduling restrictions), we contract 3rd party coach operators who supply our Comfort Plus Coaches. These coaches are top of the range, providing a first class experience that rivals any in the industry. Standard features include reclining seats, pull down blinds or curtains and an onboard restroom. Regardless of who supplies the coaches we travel on, we maintain our high level of expectations regarding comfort and class.

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