Our People and Planet Program - Fun Over Fifty

Fun Over Fifty is excited to launch the new ‘Our People and Planet Program’ as part of our commitment to our corporate vision of being ‘recognised as the best quality and most sustainable tour operator in Australia’! We were extremely excited and honoured to have won several awards during the year showcasing us as leaders and champions for a more sustainable tourism industry!

Fun Over Fifty Launches – The Green Bank

Since launching the ‘Our People and Planet Program’ in 2017 which incorporates the Green Bank, small change for a change and the Green and Gold Army Initiatives, our results speak for themselves. As a collective group, we have raised over $28,000 for the Green Bank and have initiated the planting of over 6800 trees!  We ask you to assist us to bring about change by donating your ‘loose change’ whilst on tour. Your tour host/ess will provide you an opportunity to empty your pockets and purses of change into our Fun Over Fifty Green Bank. The ‘small change’ concept has previously been used successfully in Australia and overseas in a partnership between UNICEF and the international airline industry which offers travellers an easy way to help the world’s children. This successful partnership has inspired us to adopt a similar concept. The following, are just some of the causes that will benefit from our joint investment:

Keep your eyes on our website for continual updates on how your ‘small change’ has made a difference.

Fun Over Fifty Launches – Green Getaways with our ‘Green and Gold Army’

Fun Over Fifty plan to assemble a ‘Green and Gold Army,’ consisting of passionate people who support our environmental ethos. We extend an invitation to you, to join with us on our new Green Getaway tours which focus on merging a fun break with a strong focus on improving our planet by actively helping to transform and protect our environment. By engaging local suppliers and Fun Over Fifty donating coach travel, the cost of these tours will be significantly reduced, allowing our passengers to be rewarded for their environmental contribution. It really does cost less to contribute! Our ‘Green and Gold Army’ will also be called upon to participate in beautifying and planting events during the year. Watch our website, social media and emails for the launch of these tours or call our office to register your interest.

Our Continued Commitment to Sustainable Tourism

Green Guest Policy (GGP)

At Fun Over Fifty, we are committed to proactively exercising Sustainable Tourism and making a positive impact on the environment, society and economy of the places we visit. With this ethos front of mind, Fun Over Fifty launched a Green Guest Policy in 2015. Fun Over Fifty is partnering with select hotels to reduce our impact on the environment when guests unknowingly use more limited resources than they may choose or need. The excess environmental cost can be found in areas such as, extra power and water used for washing sheets, replacing towels, chemical cleaning agents in the water, excess plastic bags, etc. To help reduce these extra pressures on our natural environment, with our partnering hotels, Fun Over Fifty offer the opportunity to choose our Green Guest Policy and at multi-night stays (3 nights or more), void your room being serviced. Guests that choose this option will be rewarded with a reduced rate of the overall tour cost for choosing to offset. In 2015/2016 493 passengers participated in the Green Guest Policy. This resulted in 780 rooms not being serviced and
$15,600 saved by customers.

How can I join this initiative?

Advise your reservation consultant at time of booking that you would like to participate in the Green Guest Policy and then check the box toward the top of your booking form. We will apply the discount to your final balance and advise the accommodation that you are a green warrior. Simple!

Being Seen Being Green (BSBG)

Who says ‘it’s not easy being green’. Here at Fun Over Fifty we make it easy for our guests to join us on our mission to be recognised as the most sustainable tour operator in Australia. We are partnering with fellow tourism suppliers to work with us on our new green policy ‘Being Seen Being Green.’ Guests are able to contribute to offsetting their carbon footprint by assisting with the planting of trees and plants, sand dune rejuvenation and/or create herb gardens for chefs to use in the hotel restaurants.

How can I join this initiative?

When you are on tour next and you see the ‘Being Seen Being Green’ logo and slogan in your guest itinerary, you are invited to join us at some stage during the tour to contribute. Guests who participate will receive our specially designed t-shirt and cap.


World Environment Day Tree Planting Challenge

In 2016, 2017 and 2018 the CEO led her staff and volunteers in this challenge. We won 3 years in a row!



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