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Tour information

Everything you need to know about our tours

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Tour information

What makes our tours special

At Fun Over Fifty, we do everything we can to create memorable experiences you won’t get anywhere else. Find out how we make your tour special.

Travel with like-minded people

All of our tours have a fitness rating to ensure you know if it’s right for you. We describe the level of physical activity so every guest knows what to expect and wants to do the same types of activities.

Everybody is comfortable with the same level of activity and travelling at the same pace. Our fitness ratings are:

  • 1 — Easy
  • 2 — Moderate
  • 3 — Active/moderate
  • 4 — Highly active
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Protecting the environment for the future

Experiencing the beauty of the natural landscape is one of the most exciting parts of any tour. Not only do we love getting out in nature, but we’re passionate about protecting it for future generations of travelers.

We have a range of sustainability initiatives and policies to minimise the environmental impact of our tours. We also offer tours which give our guests the opportunity to give back to the environment through activities such as tree planting.

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Working with and supporting indigenous communities

At Fun Over Fifty, we recognise and understand the importance of working with indigenous communities and guides in ways that respect and reinforce Indigenous cultural heritage and the living cultures of Indigenous communities.

We give our guests the opportunity to experience and learn about indigenous history and culture with authenticity and integrity.

Our tours are all inclusive and we mean it

We believe all inclusive tours should give you the full experience. Every detail is handled, booked, and paid for before you arrive, so all you need to do is arrive and enjoy your tour.

When we say ‘all inclusive’ we mean:

  • All activities
  • All accommodation
  • All transport
  • Almost all meals
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Tour fitness ratings

Travel in style with our fleet

We always put comfort and style front and centre when we plan our tours and transport because we know it’s the best way to travel. Not only are our coaches the most comfortable you’ll find in the industry, but the glimmering gold and diamond paint turns heads everywhere we go!

When we book third party transport, we make sure it meets the high standards of our team and our guests. Wherever we go, we go there in style.

See our fleet
Our fleet includes:

How to book your tour

Choose your tour

Check out all our tours here on our website and find that one for you. You can also view our brochure online or we can send a printed brochure to you.

Once you have chosen a tour and you’re ready to book, contact us to make a reservation. We can also answer any questions you may have.

Make your reservation

Once we confirm some details with you over the phone or via email, including departure dates, we will reserve your place on the tour.

We will also send you our detailed booking form to get all the information we need, including supporting documents if required.


We will send you an invoice for your tour once your booking is confirmed.

The initial deposit is due 14 days after you make your reservation and the total amount is due 90 days before the departure date.

Get your travel pack

14 days before you depart, you will receive your travel pack with everything you need for the tour and a few extra goodies. Your travel pack includes:

  • Travel wallet
  • Itinerary and other information
  • All tickets for the tour, transport, and activities


The time has come to get your tour started! All you need to do is arrive at the departure location and then we will handle the rest.

Travel with those you know on a private tour

As well as our regular tours, we also offer private tours so you can travel with just people you already know from your family and friends, club, or social group.

We have a range of options to suit all types of groups, and some details such as departure dates can be customised to suit you and your group.

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A word about COVID-19

We are following all government advice and restrictions. We have policies in place to ensure the health and safety of our team, our guests, and the community.

See our COVID-19 policies

About our tours

At Fun Over Fifty, we design all our tours to give you unforgettable experiences on a fun, simple, and hassle-free holiday. Our commitment to luxury touring and customer service is why most of our guests travel with us more than once.

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Get in touch if you have any questions

Our team is always happy to help if you have any questions about us or our tours. Fill out our form and we will get back to you soon.

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