'Gold Class' Coaches - Fun Over Fifty

The ‘Gold Class’ Coaches

With just one look at our ‘Gold Class’ coaches it’s easy to see that you’ll be travelling in style. However there is so much more beneath our sleek, gold class exterior. Sure we have luxurious leather style-ride reclining seats, generous extended leg room, footrests, pull down blinds, DVD player, restroom and sickbed onboard. But there’s more to our girls than just great looks and excellent comfort! At Fun Over 50 we take passenger safety, road and transport laws as well as our environmental responsibility extremely seriously. We’ve made it our top priority to source the very best and latest innovations in coach transportation, ensuring that these three elements are diligently maintained at the highest level.

Our fleet of ‘Gold Class’ coaches are all ‘Euro 5’ rated and comply with the European emission standards that define the acceptable limits for exhaust emissions. In addition to this, we elect to upgrade from the standard 8 speed to 12 speed engines, to further reduce our diesel emissions.

Our coaches are ISO 14001 certified and built for lifecycle sustainability. We have a 5 year replacement policy on vehicles to optimise fuel efficiency, the frequency of servicing is greater than is required under warranty and driver training is conducted to reduce fuel consumption.

The transmission of each coach is fitted with an integrated retarder making deceleration more comfortable for passengers and most importantly minimising the use of frictional wheel brakes. This increases the level of safety by reducing the risk of “brake fade” and also means our coaches are audibly more quiet when braking.

For a safer, smoother and more comfortable ride we’ve gone all out on suspension. Our coaches have Air Bag Suspension all round, independent Front Suspension, independent Tag Suspension (for our rear wheel Steerable Tag) and Double Acting Shock Absorbers. As a passenger you won’t see any of this but you’ll feel a whole lot more comfortable than on a run-of-the-mill coach. And in an emergency you’ll be a whole lot safer.

Some other safety features our ‘Gold Class’ coaches include:-


Inside we’ve thought of all the details. Stepping onboard is made easy as our coaches are fitted with a kneel capacity, we’ve got stairwell handrails and then a completely flat floor (no need to step up into the seating area). Once you’ve taken your seat with extra leg room (85cm – 90cm distance between seats), put your magazine in the magazine holder and your drink in the water bottle holder, you can sit back and enjoy the Road Cam and see exactly what your driver can see out of the front window! For convenience we have an internal refrigerator just in case you have medicines that require refrigeration. And if all that doesn’t impress, well in each and every seat on board we also have USB chargers. No excuses for not keeping charged up to send those all important travel ‘selfies’ home to your loved ones.


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