Eco Initiatives - Fun Over Fifty

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows”.

(Ralph Marston)

Fun Over Fifty is excited and honoured to be leading the way to a more sustainable tourism industry! Each year we make inroads towards our mission of being recognised as the most sustainable tour operator in Australia. We are proud to have been recognised for our newest innovations and to part of an ever growing understanding that to be sustainable in business and to ensure our amazing tourism destinations will be seen by future generations, we need to act sustainably, search for new innovations and constantly look to improve the way in which we interact with the environment, society and economy of the places we visit. We stand tall within the industry and lead from the front striving to reduce our carbon footprint in the following ways:

Green Guest Policy (GGP):- Our Green Guest Policy offers passengers the opportunity to contribute to reducing the impact their stay in multi-night destinations has on the environment. By opting to void the service of their room (not requiring linen to be changed, towels to be washed etc) our guests are reducing the amount of chemical cleaning products, electricity, water and plastic bags that all contribute to the deterioration of our environment.

Being Seen Being Green (BSBG):- This initiative offers Fun Over Fifty guests a chance to really contribute to the local environment in an immediate fashion.  Guests are invited to assist with the planting of trees and plants, sand dune rejuvenation or creating herb gardens for chefs to use in hotel restaurants. Participants receive our specially designed t-shirt and cap – as well as a sense of achievement!!!

Eco Accreditation:- The world first ECO Certification Program developed by EcoTourism Australia addresses the need to identify genuine nature and ecotourism operators. Our certification assures travellers that our tour products are backed by a strong, well managed commitment to sustainable practices and include high quality nature-based tourism experiences. 100% of our eligible tours are ECO Certified through EcoTourism Australia; 15 tours are “ECO Certified Tourism”.

Advanced ECO Certification:-  We’re proud to report that we’ve taken a step beyond Eco Accreditation. By meeting EcoTourism Australia’s criteria of “operating with minimal impact on the environment and providing opportunities to learn about the environment with operators who are committed to achieving best practice, using resources wisely, contributing to conserving the environment and helping local communities”, we now have 28 tours that are “ECO Certified Advanced Ecotourism”!

Greenfleet:- Greenfleet is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to connecting people with real climate action. Recognised as Australia most respected source of bio-diverse carbon offsets, Fun Over Fifty partners with Greenfleet to offset 100% of our coach fleet’s GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions by planting native trees in permanent forests. Another more immediate way to replenish the environment!

Climate Action:- Fun Over Fifty is 1 of only 12 businesses Australia-wide to achieve Climate Action Leader status. This status shows that we have reached an advance level of adaptation, emissions reduction and offsetting. We measure and audit our carbon footprint, and are constantly on the lookout for new innovations that will further our journey toward our goal of becoming carbon neutral.

World Environment Day Tree Planting Challenge:- From our gardener to our hostesses, our office girls to our CEO, we all pulled on our gloves and headed out to a rejuvenation area to participate in this initiative. The challenge was set; to plant the most trees in our area, accessed by plant positioning, mulch and watering, and we are proud to say WE WON! In just two hours we planted over 150 plants. We are looking forward to participating again in 2017 with more troops and a fire in the belly to defend our title.

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